Nederlands Dans Theater: Forsythe/Goecke/Eyal


German premiere

The legend returns to Stuttgart with abrand new piece and two classics. Two years ago, Nederlands Dans Theater celebrated its sixtieth anniversary, and under its new director Emily Molnar, this most famous of all modern ballet companies is continuing unwaveringly on its path: it presents as many world premieres as possible, discovers choreographers and turns many of them into classics.  In One Flat Thing, reproduced twenty metal tables thunder toward the audience. Drawing on the idea of drifting icebergs, Forsythe has his dancers swing precariously over the edges, juxtaposing wild, risky movements with geometric, rigid structures. In I love you, ghosts Marco Goecke’s latest work for NDT 1, infinitely sad spirits recall ballets and suffering from the past. The oeuvre by the Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal pulsates with a grotesque, sometimes machine-like quality. Bedroom Folk, a collaboration with her partner Gai Behar, fractures hypnotic fascination with ironic laughter. The version shown at COLOURS has never been performed in Germany before.

NDT1 must be Europe's classiest and most accomplished modern dance company, their trademark being slick, gorgeously lit, gorgeously danced movement with a deep balletic grace and sharp modern angles. – The Telegraph

For years, before each premiere, one might think that the body and its limits could not really be explored any further. For years, one was mistaken before each premiere. – Die Frankfurter Rundschau über William Forsythe

Again and again Forsythe asks himself what dance and choreography are, facing the future and inquisitively, even hungrily, searching for that which he does not yet know, does not yet understand.– taz

Choreography: William Forsythe, Marco Goecke, Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar| Duration: approx. 120 minutes with two intermissions

Photo: © Rahi Rezvani, Nederlands Dans Theater, Marco Goecke, I love you, ghosts, Theophilus Veselý

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Bedroom Folk
Choreographie // Choreography: Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Einstudierung // Staged by: Leo Lerus, Rebecca Hytting
Tänzer:innen // Dancers: tba
NDT Assistenz // NDT Assistant: Tamako Akiyama
Musik // Music: Komposition von // Composition by Ori Lichtik
Licht & Bühne // Light & Decor: Thierry Dreyfus
Kostüme // Costumes: Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar, Doug Letheren, Rebecca Hytting, Thierry Dreyfus
Uraufführung // World Premiere: 16 April 2015, Lucent Danstheater The Hague
Dauer // Duration: 27 Minuten // 27 minutes

– Intermission // Pause –

I love you, ghosts
Choreographie // Choreography: Marco Goecke
Tänzer:innen // Dancers: tba
Dramaturgie // Dramaturgy: Nadja Kadel
Musik // Music: Harry Belafonte: Try To Remember & Danny Boy. Sony Music Entertainment. | Alberto Ginastera: Concerto per Corde, Opus 33: IV, finale furioso (for strings). Licensed by Chandos. | Mieczyslaw Weinberg: Chamber Symphony No. 2 op. 147: I. Allegro molto. Performed by Gidon Kremer (Principal Violin), Andrei Pushkarev (Timpani) & Kremerata Baltica. Used by arrangement with ECM Records. | Einojuhani Rautavaara: An epitaph for Bela Bartok (for strings). Licensed by Ondine.
Licht // Light: Udo Haberland
Bühne & Kostüme // Decor & Costumes: Marco Goecke
NDT Assistenz // NDT Assistant: Francesca Caroti
World Premiere // Uraufführung: February 3, 2022 Amare The Hague
Duration // Dauer: 28 Minuten // 28 minutes

– Intermission // Pause –

One Flat Thing, reproduced
Choreographie, Bühne & Lichtdesign // Choreography, Stage & Light Designs:
William Forsythe
Einstudierung // Staged by: Ayman Harper, Ander Zabala, Cyril Baldy, Amancio Gonzalez
Tänzer:innen // Dancers: tba
NDT Assistenz // NDT Assistant: Emily Molnar
Musik // Music: Thom Willems
Kostümdesign // Costume Design: Stephen Galloway
Uraufführung // World Premiere: February 2, 2000, Ballet Frankfurt, Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt, Germany
Dauer // Duration: 15 Minuten // 15 minutes

Gesamtdauer // Total Duration: 120 Minuten mit zwei Pausen // 120 minutes with two intermissions

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