In 2015 the Theaterhaus Stuttgart on the city’s Pragsattel ridge was celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and, according to a scholarly study carried out in 2010, “is still unique in the European cultural landscape”. It brings together under one roof different areas of the arts, the experimental and the popular, international artists and new projects.

Along with its own contemporary theatre and dance ensembles, comedy, cabaret, jazz and rock, new music, for which a specially designed building extension has been built, is also an integral part of the Theaterhaus program. The building complex also hosts political discussions, readings, lectures, exhibitions, and events for children and young people. In addition, there is also a sports centre that is used for a diverse range of activities. Another notable aspect of this institution is the fact that it finances two resident ensembles, even though 75 percent of the annual costs for these companies must be earned by the Theaterhaus itself. The Theaterhaus dance ensemble is named after the company’s artistic director, Eric Gauthier: Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

The success of the Theaterhaus concept can also be expressed in figures. With some 350,000 visitors every year, the Theaterhaus is one the Stuttgart region’s major draw cards. Covering an area of 12,000 square meters, the building houses a concert hall, three theatres, a sports centre, rehearsal spaces and workshops as well as a two-storey foyer with food outlets, a large beer garden in the inner courtyard and a restaurant. An average of 900 performances and events take place here annually.

In summer 2019 the Theaterhaus is hosting and producing for the third time the COLOURS International Dance Festival. The festival is taking place not only in all four performance auditoriums but also in the sports centre.

Photo: Andreas Feucht

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