Cie par Terre / Anne Nguyen: À mon bel amour


We all have different concepts of beauty. Anne Nguyen opens our eyes to a different way of seeing, to a new aesthetic. À mon bel amour presents a wide variety of dance styles, from cool street dance to highly artificial ballet. In a virtuoso parade, four women and four men literally vie for our admiration, tirelessly steering towards us through flashes of light and expressing their identity in their very personal dance style. Whether by way of contemporary modernism, robotic popping and locking moves, frenetic, bizarre krumping with its narratives of frustration and prayer, waacking with its rhythmically flailing arms, or in elegant voguing with its catwalk poses, the dancers tell us: I show the world who I want to be. Each style makes its interpreters strong and imbues them with self-confidence. The French-Vietnamese choreographer draws us into a game with perspectives. Anne Nguyen comes from hip-hop and yet goes far beyond this form in her pieces. Her work is a plea for the greatest possible degree of mutual respect.


"Nguyen, who immigrated to dance from the martial arts in 2005, is part of the dance avant-garde. Her sensual and sensitive productions intoxicate the audience to the point of a collective knock-out." — Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Cat. 1: 39,– € / dis.: 31,– €
Cat. 2: 29,– € / dis.: 23,– €
Cat. 3: 19,– € / dis.: 15,– €

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