COLOURS XXL workshop

Featuring Eric Gauthier

Dancing doesn’t just keep people physically fit, it also makes them totally happy – as everyone knows who has laughed and sweated their way through this workout with Eric Gauthier. At this festival the dance star from Stuttgart’s Theaterhaus will once again be leading participants through a series of short, humorous movement sequences which include elements ranging from tango to hip hop to contemporary dance – anything that’s fun to do and engages the body in coordinated movement. Of course, the choreographies will be different from the ones presented last time, and the dancers from Gauthier Dance will be on hand to demonstrate the moves and help participants learn them. Whether as a fun fitness workout, a physical and mental makeover, or a way of finding out what dance style is the most fun: the three hours with Eric Gauthier provide a wonderful release from the daily grind. A few weeks later the choreographies will be presented at the big COLOURS Flash Mob in front of Stuttgart’s Königsbau. Just like last time. Well, almost – this year this celebration of movement leading up to the festival will not take place in the afternoon but in the prime time slot of 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Dates and Prices

Saturday, June 1, 7 pm

Theaterhaus → T1

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