XieXin Dance Theatre: From IN


Situated between age-old folk art and imported ballet, contemporary dance is a very young art in China yet one that over recent years, with the emergence of new companies and new discoveries, has become increasingly exciting. Xie Xin and the dance company she founded in 2014 are playing a ground-breaking role in this development. The young choreographer previously danced with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and continually seeks exchanges with international artists for her own troupe. Her new piece focuses on the moment of encounter, the moment in which two lives enter into a connection and cease to exist in parallel universes. Xie Xin’s striking style features expansive, intensive movements performed with great elegance by her flexible dancers but also infused with a deeply spiritual quality. The popular choreographer has created works for nearly all of China’s modern companies. She has won a number of awards, including the audience award at the International Choreographic Competition in Hanover in 2015. In May 2019 she will be an artist-in-residence at the Hessian State Ballet.

“How refreshing to see instead of the contemporary western dance with its aggressive, energetic and sharp-edged bustle a dance whose energy flows calmly without ever losing tension.” – Savon Sanomat, Kuopio, Finland

“From IN shows free-style images of writing Chinese calligraphy and integrates the co-existing spiritual emotions of everything on earth.” – Beijing Youth Daily

Termine & Preise


Dauer // Duration: ca. 60 Minuten ohne Pause // approx. 60 minutes with no intermission

Choreographie // Choreography: Xie Xin
Produktionsleitung // Executive producer: Liu He
Technische Leitung & Lichtdesign // Technical director & Lighting design: Gao Jie
Musik // Music: Jiang Shaofeng、Yin Yi
Kostümdesign // Costume design: Li Kun
Post Design: Wang Yuanqing
Tänzer*innen // Dancers : Xie Xin, Hu Shenyuan, Liu Xuefang, Wang Qizhi, Liu Xue, Zhang Yin, Tu Yo Zhen, Ma Siyuan, Qian Min

Photos: Huan Kaidi

Produced by XDT

This Tour is supported by Shanghai International Dance Centre Theatre

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