Well Brothers: Folk dance with the Well-Buam


COLOURS is expanding in the direction of Bavaria, specifically the district of Beerenmoos, from where the Well Brothers are bringing local folk dance styles such as the Zwiefache and the Siebenschritt to their Swabian compatriots. Michael Well shows how it’s done. The moves can be learned on the spot so that everyone can join in when the Well-Buam (formerly known as Biermösl Blosn) celebrate Alpine tribal dances ranging from the Sternpolka to the Sautanz. The three brothers’ gently anarchic brass band, ably supported by colleagues on instruments that include the harp, percussion and bagpipes, transform an old tradition into an exuberant display of lust for life. With typical Bavarian generosity, the brothers also include a few other dance styles, which they affectionately Bavarianize. In short: the Bavarian Dance Floor performance in the Friedrichsbau promises to be a happening!
Please note: The location is not applied with seats, there will only be sporadic seatings.
“Wonderful fun.” – Süddeutsche Zeitung
Cast: Michael Well (baritone, tuba & Master of Ceremony), Stofferl Well (trumpet & Flashmaster), Karl Well (clarinet & sound), Heini Zapf (clarinet), Maximilian Well (percussion & Youngster), Max Lang (accordion & Beer Drinker), Franz Eimer (harp & Chain Smoker)

Dates & Prices

Sunday, June 30, 6 pm

Friedrichsbau Varieté

18,– €

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