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A man in a box two by three meters – which shrinks. “A choreographic tragedy or the disquieting strangeness of the ordinary” is the subtitle of this solo, in which the Frenchman Pierre Rigal presents a living space that becomes progressively smaller. The pressure from outside rises continually, while the person inside stoically faces the new challenges this presents, assiduously endeavouring to adapt. There is an element here of Charlie Chaplin and his confrontation with modern technology, for the gentleman in the three-piece suit is not so very alone. There is a chair in the room and the apparently harmless lamp reveals itself to be a kind of artificial arm that interacts with the protagonist. Is he being monitored? Is this how the system manipulating him communicates? How far can adaptation to technology go? Will the human being ultimately become a robot? Before Pierre Rigal discovered dance, he was a track and field athlete and studied business mathematics and cinematography. Using old film tricks, acrobatics, light and shadow he presents a Kafkaesque vision that is at once frightening and amusing.

“A masterly solo about our modern fears.” – Les Inrockuptibles, Frankreich

“Being locked in as freedom: before our eyes he becomes the metamorphosis, the apparent son of Kafka.” – Les Inrockuptibles, France

“Highly graphic, surrealistic and rich in meaning, this solo by Pierre Rigal is a real joy for the audience.” – Danser, France

“It is a desperate and desperately beautiful 60 minutes.” – The Guardian, London

Conception, Scenography, Choreography & Interpretation:
Pierre Rigal | Premiere: February 15, 2008, London | Duration: 60 minutes no intermission

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 7 pm
Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 7 pm

Tickets: 25.– / dis.: 23.– / under-18: 15.–

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