Mourad Merzouki: Folia


German premiere

A piece for 16 dancers and 8 musicians

Baroque and hip hop are two completely different worlds – here they come together in a magical piece of theatre full of flying stars and whirling dances. Mourad Merzouki has elevated break dance to a performing art, and with his Compagnie Käfig he repeatedly confronts hip hop with other styles and other artists. This dialogue produces new and striking images. For Folia he has united the spontaneous power of street art with the sublime artistry of the Baroque to create a poetic world theatre. Together with the renowned Baroque ensemble Concert de l’Hostel Dieu from Lyon Merzouki finds in the wild rhythms of the tarantella a magical connection beyond space and time. Spins and virtuoso tricks occur here and there when the folia, an old Baroque musical form, accelerates its dynamic to the point of abandon. Merzouki shows the emotional power inherent in hip hop movements, mixing in contemporary and Spanish dance, girls on pointe and a whirling dervish. Stardust shimmers and a thousand lamps glow in this danced deluge of imagery.

“There are things of such rare beauty and poetry that you would like to continue watching them all night.” – Culture Box, France

“The performance is a long crescendo which mixes styles, dancers and musicians and in the finale becomes an irresistible spiral of energy.” – Le Figaro, Paris

“A moving celebration of rhythm and brotherhood.” – Radio RCF, Lyon

Artistic Direction & Choreography: Mourad Merzouki | Musical Concept: Franck-Emmanuel Comte – Le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu, Grégoire Durrande | Premiere: June 1, 2018, Lyon | Duration: approx. 60 minutes no intermission

Dates & Prices

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 8 pm
Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at 8 pm

Tickets: Cat. 1: 53.– / dis.: 43.– / under-18: 43.–
Cat. 2: 46.– / dis.: 37.– / under-18: 37.–
Cat. 3: 38.– / dis.: 31.– / under-18: 15.–
Cat. 4: 30.– / dis.: 24.– / under-18: 15.–
Cat. 5: 19.– / dis.: 15.– / under-18: 15.–

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