Ballet BC: Mixed Programme
Sharon Eyal: Bedroom Folk | Emily Molnar: To this day | Crystal Pite: Solo Echo


One german premiere (Bedroom Folk)

This evening of dance is united by three inspiring creative women. One of them is the artistic director of Ballet BC, which is based in Vancouver, Canada. Emily Molnar has formed this regional troupe with a powerful vision that has catapulted the company onto the international contemporary ballet scene. The primary emphasis here is on creativity: in ten years Molnar has commissioned 45 world premieres. The dynamic Canadian, who has roots in William Forsythe’s Ballett Frankfurt, is now bringing her latest work, To this day, which premiered in November 2018, to COLOURS. Born in British Columbia, Crystal Pite, with her dark theatricality, is one of the most sought after choreographers in the world. Danced to cello music by Johannes Brahms, her Solo Echo exudes a winter melancholy, when the emotions of an individual echo in waves and structures through the collective. Sharon Eyal’s strident works pulsate with a grotesque, sometimes machine-like quality. In Bedroom Folk the Israeli choreographer fractures hypnotic fascination with ironic laughter.

”When it comes to contemporary dance, this is on a par with the top echelon of European companies. The Canadian’s precision is astounding.“ – Neue Presse Hannover

“Ballet BC is physically rigorous, dramatically solid, and truly contemporary.“ – Dance Magazine

„Pite’s gift for the poetics of dance is evident everywhere; even the most functional gesture of balance or support feels freighted with observed and felt emotion.” – The Guardian

„It’s mesmerising. The whole piece feels like one fluid, endless motion. Delicate as its backdrop of falling snow, Solo Echo is exquisitely danced.“ – The Stage, London

“‘Bedroom Folk’ is tremendously enjoyable.” – Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Choreography: Sharon Eyal, Emily Molnar, Crystal Pite | Premiere:Bedroom Folk: April 16, 2015, The Hague | To this day: November 1, 2018, Vancouver | Solo Echo: February 9, 2012, The Hague | Duration: approx. 90 minutes with two intermissions

On July 9th talk with Emily Molnar, Eric Gauthier and Meinrad Huber after the show. Presenter: Susanne Kaufmann. In collaboration with SWR2.

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Cat. 1: 53.– € / dis.: 43.– € / under-18: 43.– €
Cat. 2: 46.– € / dis.: 37.– € / under-18: 37.– €
Cat. 3: 38.– € / dis.: 31.– € / under-18: 15.– €
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Dauer // Duration: ca. 90 Minuten mit zwei Pausen // approx. 90 minutes with two intermissions

Bedroom Folk
Choreographie // Choreographer: Sharon Eyal 
Mitgestaltung // Co-creator: Gai Behar
Choreographische Assistenz // Assistant to the choreographer: Tom Weinberger
Soundkünstler & Musik // Sound artist & music: Ori Lichtik 
Lichtdesign // Lighting design: Thierry Dreyfus
Leitung Lichtdesign // Lighting director: Alan Cohen
Technische Leitung // Technical director: Baruch Shpigelman
Kostümdesign // Costume design: Rebecca Hytting
Uraufführung // World premiere: April 2015, Nederlands Dans Theatre
Tänzer*innen // Dancers: TBC

To this day
Choreographie // Choreography: Emily Molnar in Zusammenarbeit mit den Künstler*innen von Ballet BC // in collaboration with the artists of Ballet BC
Lichtdesign // Lighting design: James Proudfoot
Kostümdesign // Costume design: Kate Burrows
Choreographische Assistenz // Assistant to the choreographer: Alexis Fletcher
Uraufführung// World premiere: November 2018, Ballet BC
Tänzer*innen // Dancers: TBC

Solo Echo
Choreographie // Choreography: Crystal Pite
Musik // Music: Johannes Brahms: Cello Sonata in E minor, op. 38—Allegro non troppo
Johannes Brahms: Cello Sonata in F major, op. 99—Adagio affettuoso
Performed by Yo-Yo Ma, cello; Emanuel Ax, piano
Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.
Lichtdesign // Lighting design: Tom Visser 
Bühnendesign // Set design: Jay Gower Taylor
Kostümdesign // Costume design: Crystal Pite and Joke Visser
Inszenierung // Staging: Eric Beauchesne
Uraufführung // World premiere: February 2012, Nederlands Dans Theater
Tänzer*innen // Dancers: TBD

Ballet BC
Künstlerische Leitung // Artistic director: Emily Molnar
Gastprobenleiter // Guest rehearsal director: Lara Barclay, Sandrine Cassini, Lisa Davies, Livona Ellis, Thomas McManus, Sylvain Senez, Christoph von Riedemann, Makaila Wallace
Tänzer*innen // Dancers: Brandon Alley, Anna Bekirova, Emily Chessa, Parker Finley, Alexis Fletcher, Scott Fowler, Miriam Gittens, Kiera Hill, Patrick Kilbane, Racheal Prince, Justin Rapaport, Gilbert Small, Peter Smida, Dex van ter Meij, Nicole Ward, Kirsten Wicklund, Sophie Whittome, Zenon Zubyk
Ballettmeister*innen // Resident teachers: Beverley Bagg, Lara Barclay, Andrew Bartee, Justine Chambers, Dario Dinuzzi, Kate Franklin, Artemis Gordon, Heather Myers, Sabra Perry, Sylvain Senez, Gilbert Small, Lesley Telford, Makaila Wallace, Wen Wei Wang
Gastlehrer // Guest teachers: Lisa Davies, Bret Easterling, Francisco Martinez, Thomas McManus, Adi Salant, Risa Steinberg, Francesca Caroti, Tom Weinberger 
Klavierbegleitung // Accompanists: Wendy Albrecht, Zabelita Fraser, Trevor McLain, Michael Park, Amanda Pi, Gregg Schiller, Catherine Tseng, Yawen Wang

Vorstand // Board of directors 
Vorsitzende // President and chair: Linda Brown
Stellvertretende Vorsitzende // Vice-president: Cheryl Stevens
Kassenleitung // Treasurer: Robert Riecken
Assistenz // Secretary: Melina Buckley
Ehemaliger Vorsitzende // Past-chair: Dr. Kevin B. Leslie
Leiter // Directors: Linda Brown, Melina Buckley, John Davis, Arlene Gladstone, Stanley Hamilton, Ingrid Leong, Dr. Kevin B. Leslie, Pamela McDonald, Dario Meli, Robert Riecken, Cheryl Stevens, James Sullivan, Bruce Wright
Ehrenamtliche Mitglieder auf Lebenszeit // Honorary life members: Jane McLennan, Don & Jane Shumka

Photos: Sharen Bradford (Solo Echo) 

Ballet BC acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.

Ballet BC acknowledges financial support from the Province of British Columbia through funding provided by the BC Arts Council.

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