Akram Khan Company: Outwitting the Devil

(London/Great Britain)

World premiere & COLOURS co-production

Akram Khan’s London-based Company will soon celebrate its twentieth birthday. Born in England with Bengali heritage, Akram has long been regarded as one the world’s leading choreographers and a visionary in contemporary dance. Trained in the classical South Asian dance form of Kathak, he continually explores new styles and forms and seeks to exchange with other artists fearlessly, crossing boundaries, both conceptually and spiritually. Khan creates a highly sophisticated form of performance that reinterprets the myths of different peoples and depicts the search for community connecting each individual. One of the inspirations for the brand-new work with which he aims to “outwit the devil” at COLOURS, is Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. As a small, dark-skinned boy, Akram stood in front of this famous picture but couldn’t see himself reflected in it. It was the radical reinterpretation of this work featuring 13 women, The First Supper by Susan Dorothea White, that showed him that an artist can challenge every convention. And it pointed to his own particular journey: “Ever since I entered the classical Indian dance world, I have been searching for a way out... or perhaps more truly, I was searching for a new way in.”

„Preternaturally gifted, entirely distinct, Khan ranks among those once-in-a-generation performers who can redefine our idea of what dancing is or might possibly be.” – The Guardian, London

“His dance speaks to the gods.“ – Welt am Sonntag

Choreography: Akram Khan | Premiere: July 13, 2019, Stuttgart | Duration: approx. 60-70 minutes no intermission

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