A.I.M by Kyle Abraham: Mixed Programme

(New York/USA)

Three european premieres (Kyle Abraham: Drive | Show Pony | The Quiet Dance)
One german premiere (Doug Varone: Strict Love)

Kyle Abraham is one of the most sought-after young talents in American dance today. Rather than working in pure genres, he cherry-picks from styles ranging from street dance and hip hop to Martha Graham and classical ballet to create a zany fusion of high culture and Afro-punk. Abraham dances to rap, elegant jazz, driving electronic rhythms, and to silence – in a style he refers to as a “postmodern gumbo”. His works pulsate with an elastic jazz feel. They are sensual and provocative, combining great speed with great clarity. He is the first black choreographer in over a decade to be commissioned by the New York City Ballet. For COLOURS, Abraham is bringing his own company, A.I.M, to Stuttgart to perform four pieces, including a work choreographed by Doug Varone: cutting-edge New York dance that ranges between nonchalant, glittering twirls and quiet, seemingly improvised jazz meditation.

„His choreography wriggles energy through the body, stretches it, suspends it, unleashes it.” – Dance Magazine, USA

„Smart and self-aware, and luscious too: the complete package.” – The New York Times

„The best and brightest creative talent to emerge in New York City in the age of Obama." – Out Magazine, USA

Kyle Abraham, Doug Varone | Premiere: Drive: October 11, 2017, New York / Show Pony: August 1, 2018, New York / The Quiet Dance: 2011, New York / Strict Love: 1994 | Duration: approx. 75 minutes with intermission

Dates & Prices

Saturday, July 6, 2019 at 8.30 pm
Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 7 pm

Theaterhaus → T2

Tickets: Cat. 1: 44.– / dis.: 33.– / under-18: 33.–
Cat. 2: 32.– / dis.: 24.– / under-18: 24.–
Cat. 3: 19.– / dis.: 19.– / under-18: 19.–

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